Economic Impact

Jazz in June attracts a combined estimated audience of 50,000 to its three evenings of concerts. Audience surveys, using zip codes provided by audience members, estimate the following audience composition.
Economic Impact

Taking an estimated audience of 50,000 and applying the percentages established by the audience surveys, Jazz in June projects that 36,500 Norman
residents attend Jazz in June concerts and educational programs. Concurrently, visitors to Norman, most of them “day-trippers” from Oklahoma City, the State and Nation make up the remaining 13,500 audience members. Using multipliers from the State Department of Tourism, these visitors have an estimated economic impact of $2,227,500! They pay an estimated $194,906 in state and local sales taxes. Jazz in June receives $40,000 in public funding from the Norman Arts Council and Oklahoma Arts Council.

For every $1 in public funding, Jazz in June patrons generate an estimated $5 in sales tax revenue for the city and state.

For every dollar to Jazz in June ($139,000 in 2016) Jazz in June patrons generate an estimated $16 into the Norman economy!

A similar estimation of Norman residents making one-time event purchases, at just $50 a person, would result in an additional $1,825,000 economic impact with another $159,687 in local sales tax generated.

Please note: These are estimations based on a combination of factors (audience size estimate, zip code identification, and industry standard economic multipliers). Any variation in these factors would modify the estimates presented here.